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Consultancy & Bespoke Software Development

Software4Contractors offer consultancy and bespoke software development services in a variety of languages and platforms to medium sized businesses in the specialist trades of the construction industry. Our languages are Apple Filemaker and Microsoft Access and platforms include Apple Mac, Windows PC’s / Networks, IPad’s and Cloud Hosted Desktops.

Following the initial sales visit a proposal is provided which includes an overview, a budget cost and an indication of timescales. References from companies in the Clients trade are provided and an order with stage payments is agreed in principle.

All projects are approached in a similar manner and go through a number of distinct stages as shown below.

Stage 1 - Design and Pricing

Software developed for other contractors is then shown to illustrate the operation of a typical system and to stimulate ideas. Further meetings are then scheduled to confirm requirements, finalise costs, training, payment terms and delivery dates to form a final proposal.

The price of the software is determined by taking a value of software already developed in the Clients industry which will be used as the “base code” and then adding to it an estimate of the number of days or weeks of development needed to provide the enhancements to meet the Client’s needs. An additional allowance of time is then made for the writing of a manual, the training of the key user and possible maintenance issues in the first year. All prices are valid for a minimum period of 30 days from the date of the quotation.

It is normal to ask for a 50% deposit with order and the balance on achieving each milestone identified in the final proposal. A simple project may consist of a deposit and a final payment on substantial completion of the system.

Stage 2 – Development and Installation

The system is developed on-site or at our premises and any data conversion from existing systems is carried out. The system is then installed on a target machine at the Clients premises and staff training given to a key individual. All projects are normally broken down into separate stages and a series of payment amounts at set dates are agreed in the final proposal. All projects are normally broken down into separate stages and a series of payment amounts at set dates are agreed in the final proposal.

Stage 3 – Substantial Completion

Substantial completion occurs once a working version of the system meets the specification, training is finished and any promised data transfer is completed. Bespoke software including source code becomes the “non-exclusive” property of the Client on making the final payment.

Stage 4 – Maintenance and Exclusions

The software is warranted for 12 months against defects over the Internet and full telephone support is also provided. After 12 months an annual maintenance agreement is available at a cost identified in the final proposal. Either party may cancel the maintenance by giving the other 3 complete months’ notice in writing, if the cancellation is by Software 4 Contractors the balance on the contract will be returned. If the cancellation is by the client there will be no refund.

To protect the client, once the final payment has been made the first 3 months of the 12-month warranty contains a no quibble guarantee to modify any part of the system that fails to meet operational expectations before passing into a purely passive maintenance that seeks to rectify faults only. Software is not covered if the damage is caused by wilful misuse or reinstatement is not possible due to the client failing to take working backups of the system.

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We have 30 man years’ experience in your industry and understand what you do. Without this even the very best software developers will have difficulty in forming a workable solution.

Our solutions are individually written to your requirements. We show you how other companies in your industry work but we take our instructions from you.

We expect a long term relationship with all our clients. We have one client who has moved through three companies over 30 years but has always asked us to provide his software.

About Software 4 Contractors Ltd

Software 4 Contractors are bespoke software consultants primarily operating in the construction industry designing and developing a wide variety of database programs.

From large national organisations including local authorities to private limited companies and sole-traders, everyone benefits from the effective collection, storage and presentation of information.

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